(Constitution, By-laws and Rules)

  • The name of the Association shall be “THE TRIVANDRUM MEDICAL COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (TMCA)”.
  • “THE TRIVANDRUM MEDICAL COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (TMCA)” is Registered as a Charitable Society as per the 12th Travancore – Cochin Literary, Scientific, Charitable Society Registration Acts of 1955, and has the Registration no as T-666/2005.

2.1 The following are the Registrants:

                       Name                                        Address

           1. Dr. M. Krishnan Nair                     Founder Director, RCC

                                                                    Elankath House

                                                                    Elankom Gardens




           2. Dr. C. S. Madhu                            Deepam

                                                                    Arpookara East P.O.



           3. Dr. Jayaprakash Madhavan         TC 14/769


                                                                    Near Pushpagiri Church


                                                                    Trivandrum- 695011


           4. Dr. Aswini Kumar                          Aswini Bhavan

                                                                    TC 40/457-5

                                                                    Third Puthen Street



           5. Dr. S. Salahudeen                        I-A2, Nikunjam




           6.Dr. Francis V James                      E-7, Pothujanam Road




           7. Dr. G.S Harikumaran Nair            PRA 74 (A)

                                                                    Puthupally Lane

                                                                    Medical College PO



           8. Dr. S. Mayadevi                           TC 14/769





           9. Dr. P.R. Shyla                               A6, Aswathy Gardens




3.1 To perpetuate the pride in our Alma Mater and a sense of “belonging” among the Alumni, present students and faculty of TMC.

3.2 To promote academic, cultural and social activities of the faculty, the Alumni and their families.

3.3 To work in close co-operation with the Student’s Union of Trivandrum Medical College and the Teachers Association in matters of common interest.

3.4 To uphold the dignity of our profession and safe-guard the rights and privileges of the profession in general.

3.5 To maintain a directory of the alumni, working in India and overseas with their current affiliation and achievements in their respective fields; and updated periodically.

3.6 To act as a liaison between the alumni and present students, teaching staff and the college administration.    

3.7 To organize symposia, seminars, lectures, Continuing Medical Education programmes and refresher courses to further the scientific knowledge.

3.8 To undertake Health Education programs for the public.

3.9 To publish newsletters, periodicals and other publications of Medical interest.

3.10 To undertake projects for the development of TMC and the affiliated teaching Hospitals.     

3.11 To offer assistance to the students and the families of Alumni in need.

3.12 To help the poor, needy patients being treated at the TMC and attached Hospitals.

3.13 To undertake projects to improve the teaching, research and patient care in TMC and affiliated hospitals.



The Association shall consist of Alumni members whose names are entered in a Register and maintained by the Secretary.  The Register shall contain also the qualifications, addresses and phone numbers, and abridged biodata if available. The register shall be in the custody of the Secretary and updated when new members are enrolled.  The permanent Head Quarters of the TMCA shall be in Trivandrum. The Office will function in the LRC presently maintained jointly by the AKMG and TMCA inside the Medical College Library. Temporary office shall be maintained at the place of the Secretary for convenience, but all transactions shall be made through the Office at Head Quarters.  The year of TMCA shall be, for all purposes, from First of April of each year to 31st of March next year (financial year).



There shall be three types of membership.

Life membership, Associate membership and Honorary membership.

4.1 Life Membership:

Life Membership is open to the following categories.

4.1 (i) Medical Graduates and Postgraduates who have passed out from Medical College, Trivandrum.

4.1 (ii) Dental graduates and Postgraduates who have passed out from Medical College, Trivandrum prior to the inception of the college of dentistry.

An Alumnus becomes a Life Member only on the payment of the membership fee, fixed from time to time and approved by the Executive Committee.  The EC reserves the right to deny membership but shall do so only on approval by the General Body.

The application form for membership is available from the Office, the Secretary or can be downloaded from the Alumni website  The Completed application form shall be forwarded along with the membership fee to the Secretary. A person becomes a member only after payment of the membership fee and on approval by the Executive Committee.  The Executive committee can deny membership to Alumni without assigning reason but the matter should be approved by the General Body.

4.2 Associate Membership:

Associate Membership is open for the following categories of alumni.

4.2 (i) All students enrolled as postgraduates in the TMC till they graduate.  After obtaining their PG Degree/Diploma they are eligible to become Life members.

4.2 (ii) Teachers of the TMC currently working, transferred or retired, who are not alumni of the TMC.

4.3 Honorary Membership:

Honorary membership will be awarded to the following.

4.3 (i) Retired eminent teachers of the TMC who were not students of TMC.

4.3 (ii) Any eminent health professional, who has interest in the development of TMC.

The Executive Committee shall be the sole authority to confer Honorary membership subject to approval by the General Body.




Honorable Health Minister, Kerala State, shall be the Chief Patron of the Association.

Health Secretary, Kerala State, Director of Medical Education, Kerala, and Principal, Medical College, Trivandrum, shall be Patrons.


1. President

2. Vice presidents - 4 (Four) Nos. (Two elected by the General Body and two nominated by the Executive Committee).

3. Honorary. Secretary.

4. Joint Secretaries - 6 (Six) Nos. (Three elected by the General Body and three by the Executive Committee.

5. Treasurer 1 (One).


1. Executive Committee - 30 (Thirty) Nos. (Twenty elected by the General Body and ten nominated by the elected members of Executive Committee.)

2. Immediate past President, Secretary and Treasurer and AKMG Coordinators (3 nos).

3. The Executive Committee can appoint subcommittees as and when needed.

4. Web master - 1 (One) (nominated by the Executive Committee).

5. Chief Editor.

6. Editor.

7. Associate Editors 2 (Two).


All the Office bearers other than nominated shall be elected by the General Body by voting as per rule.

Elections shall be held at the last annual meeting of the TMCA by a majority of the Life members present. (Either unanimous, Voice vote or by a secret ballot).


6.1 Every life member shall have the privilege of participating in all the activities of the TMCA, including voting.

6.2 Every member can make use of the facilities of the Association with the approval of the Executive Committee (EC), by paying the fee fixed, if any.

6.3 Honorary and Associate members can attend the meetings of the TMCA, but shall have no voting rights.

6.4 Every member including the Associate members become eligible for membership only on one time payment of the membership or Associate member fee as the case

may be. Honorary members have no registration fee but their contribution to the funds will be welcome.

6.5 Every member shall have right of receiving the news letter, journal or other publications of the TMCA.


7.1 Any person can be denied membership if the Executive Committee so decides, but should get the ratification from the subsequent General Body.

7.2 The membership will be forfeited for indulging in activities against the interests of the Association, punished by a court of law for any offence, for bad conduct or for unethical practice.

7.3 The authority to disqualify a member rests with the General Body on recommendation of Executive Committee.


8.1 All the members of TMCA constitute the General Body but only the life members can participate in voting. The General Body shall be convened at least once every year. The date of the General Body will be decided by the Executive Committee, but generally it will be held on the first Sunday of January every year.

8.2 The General Body is the final decision making body. All policy decisions   taken by the Executive Committee shall be approved after ratification by the        General Body.

8.3 The quorum for all meetings shall be 10% of total membership or 50 which ever is less.  In the event of insufficient quorum the presiding officer shall have the discretion to reconvene the meeting on request from the majority of members present, after an interval of 15 minutes and the decisions taken in the GB shall be final.

8.4 The Executive Committee will prepare and circulate the minutes of the previous General Body and also the Agenda for the current General Body, at least 2 weeks earlier.  All matters pertaining to the activities of the TMCA shall be put in the website by the secretary.


The term of all office bearers shall be for two years continuously.  For the sake of continuity the immediate past President And Secretary shall be members of the two succeeding Executive Committee.


It is the duty of all office bearers to promote all the activities of the TMCA diligently.

All the posts are honorary.  The Executive Committee shall decide to give TA and DA on special occasions subject to actuals.


10.1 (a) The president shall preside over all the meetings including the Executive Committee.

10.1 (b) Shall take initiatives and guide the activities of the TMCA and act as a mentor for all the members.

10.1 (c) The President shall cast the deciding vote in all the proceedings in the event of a tie.


The Executive Committee shall nominate one of the Vice President’s elected by General Body as senior Vice President who shall conduct all proceedings in the absence of the President or when authorized by the President.


10.3 (a) Shall be responsible for the day to day functioning and promotion of the objectives of TMCA.

10.3 (b) Shall prepare the minutes and agenda of all the meetings and circulate to the members at least ten days (10) either by email or post.  

10.3 (c) Shall keep a record of the documents. This may be done in the electronic media, making sure that these are not tampered with.

10.3 (d) Shall maintain a Register containing the names addresses and qualifications of all members of the TMCA.

10.3 (e) Shall be responsible for the custody of the movable and immovable properties of the TMCA and keep an inventory of these. The Secretary  shall take all legal action including filing suits on behalf of the TMCA.

10.3 (f) Shall handover the custody of all the documents and other items to the new Secretary within 1 month of the new Secretary assuming charge.

10.3 (g) Shall supervise the activities of the subcommittees appointed by the Executive Committee and submit their report to Executive Committee for necessary action.


10.4 (a) Shall perform duties assigned by the Secretary and the Executive Committee and take charge of the activities of the Secretary in his absence.


10.5 (a) Shall receive all funds and deposit them in a Nationalized Bank approved by the Executive Committee. All operations shall be done only through cheque and shall get the prior permission of the Executive Committee except contingency funds approved by the Secretary.

10. (b) The treasurer shall get the accounts audited by a qualified auditor, approved by the Executive Committee circulate them to members, and present the audited accounts to the General Body for approval.


The Executive Committee is responsible for carrying out all decisions of the General Body, and will be responsible for the smooth running of the TMCA.  It is the important decision making body. The decisions on policy matters shall get the approval of the General Body. The Secretary will act according to the instructions of the President and the Committee. The President, Secretary, and Treasurer are ex-officio members of all Subcommittees.  The Executive Committee is responsible for planning the immediate and long term goals of the TMCA, and formulate policies and guidelines for the office bearers. The Executive Committee shall verify the accounts and get the accounts audited.

The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice a year and more often if needed.


Inorder to carry out the various activities of the Association efficiently the following subcommittees shall be formed by the approval of the Executive Committee.

12.1. Advisory Committee: This committee shall include senior members of the Association.  The maximum numbers shall be forty.

12.2. Academic Committee: Shall be responsible for arranging seminars, scientific programmes and teaching programmes at regular intervals and during the annual meeting of the association.  These programmes at regular intervals (other than that with annual meeting) shall be arranged with the concurrence and help of the HOD of the particular department of MC, TVM. This committee shall arrange speakers, arrange the venue & audiovisual facilities etc as needed.

12.3. Finance Committee:  Shall be responsible for raising funds, other than membership fee, for the activities of the Association.  The treasurer shall be the convenor and this committee shall advise the Executive Committee to formulate the annual budget.  At least half of the members of the committee shall be from the executive committee.

12.4. Membership and Batch coordination Committee:  Shall be responsible to induct maximum number of members.  They shall form the directory of members and update it regularly.  This committee shall make identity cards for the members        and issue to them.  This committee shall also provide contact details of all          members to the secretary, prior to the annual meeting.

12.5. Public Relations and Media Committee:  To interact with media on behalf of the Association.

12.6. Publications Committee:

a) Shall bring out Newsletters, scientific publications and periodicals.  Shall be responsible for raising funds to defray the cost of the above.

b) This committee shall be the editorial board of all official publications of the association.

c) The Editorial Board shall consist of Chief Editor, Convenor and Editor and Associate Editors. The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be exofficio members of the editorial board.

12.7. Social Responsibilities Committee:  The committee shall supervise all social service and charitable activities of the Association.

12.8. Information Center Committee:  To take care of running and maintaining the Patients Information Centre.


Requests for amendments to any of the above shall reach the secretary at least a month before the General Body meeting and shall be proposed by at least 30 members. The Secretary shall circulate the amendments proposed to all the members. The amendments shall be discussed in the Executive Committee before submission to the General Body. The amendments are to be presented, discussed and decisions to be taken in the General Body with 3/5th majority present.


The Secretary shall submit to the Registrar the annual returns containing attested copies of the list of new office bearers for the year, audited Accounts, Statements and balance sheets within 14 days of the final General Body meeting.  Failure to submit this on time shall result in cancellation of the registration of the society. All the clauses of the 12th Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific, and Charitable Society Registration Act of 1955 are binding on this Association.


14.1 (a) The treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the accounts of the Association.

14.1 (b) The Secretary and the Treasurer, or persons duly authorized by the Executive Committee shall jointly operate all the bank accounts.

14.1 (c) The amount shall be kept in one or more of Nationalized Bank as approvedby the Executive Committee. The Secretary can keep upto Rs.10000/-[ Ten Thousand only] as contingency fund.

14.1 (d) The Treasurer will present the audited accounts in the General Body meeting.



14.2. (a) Internal auditing: Shall be done by three of the executive members, appointed by the Executive Committee.

14.2. (b) The accounts shall be audited by the Chartered Accountants approved by the Executive Committee.



If for any reason the TMCA has to be wound up, the EC shall submit the proposal to the GB, citing valid reasons.  The proposal shall be circulated among the members minimum 10 days in advance, for them to make a decision, and the matter shall be discussed and a decision taken by the GB, with 3/4th votes of the the members present.  All the assets and liabilities including movable and immovable properties shall be transferred to another willing organisation, whose objectives and goals are compatible with those of TMCA, provided it is a registered Charitable society. In the absence of such a possibility, all the assets may be transferred to the Government of Kerala on mutually agreeable terms and conditions.  The EC shall make necessary arrangements for this eventuality, subject to the ratification of the GB.