35 Ultrashort Lessons for Healthcare Workers

An analysis and a tribute to the brave nurses, doctors and all health care workers who have died from Covid, all over the world. A fine and most elaborate work by Dr. Rajeev Jayadevan. If anyone among your family or friends works in healthcare. ask them to spend half an hour of their life going through this article, and share/discuss with their colleagues. Why? Because their life is at risk. The information contained in this article could save their life. It is painstakingly collected from the story of deaths worldwide, and matched with 137 references in 174 pages. It has been condensed in an easy capsule form. 

Check the list of contents for easy browsing. The summary is in the first few pages. 

Download the PDF by clicking on the following link:
Lessons from the deaths of doctors and nurses from COVID-19 worldwide - An analysis and a tribute by Dr Rajeev Jayadevan

P.S. - This article is not for the general public.