Summit on TMC 2020 and Beyond

Summit on-TRIVANDRUM MEDICAL COLLEGE-2020 AND BEYOND-The Role of the Alumni in empowering the students.


Trivandrum Medical College is one of Pioneer Medical institutions of India of international repute. It has seen 70 years of truly life-changing Medical education and research. The College continues to get better with time and this important milestone gives us an opportunity to look backward to the years traveled and forward to the times ahead. This needs great vision and planning. It is a fact that Trivandrum Medical College, it's Alumni, Faculty and Medicos have contributed a lot to the present Kerala model of medical excellence. Still, the challenges facing medical education are varying from time to time. To empower the students, in facing the fast developments in medical education and profession, the alumni, and student leaders along with very eminent leaders from different related fields are joining to discuss and evolve various ideas and measures thereby to enable the students especially the undergraduates to face the modern challenges at the time of the PLATINUM JUBILEE year of Trivandrum Medical College. A Summit on - TMC 2020 AND BEYOND -- The Role of the Alumni" 

In this conclave, we are discussing different initiatives required in this aspect as given below 

1. Academic support and skill development, scholarships and student mentoring.

2.  Promoting Medical and related Research including funding. 3. Training in Leadership, Social interaction and Communication skills. 4.  Improving Student wellness and comprehensive development which include artistic and sports and other extracurricular talents. 5. Advising proper Career options including higher studies and specialization, entrepreneurship and alternate career options. 

Apart from present and former faculty, we expect an array of eminent  and learned persons as the lead speakers from related streams. The lead speakers include Dr. T.P. Sreenivasan (former Ambassador), Dr. K. Jayakumar IAS (Chief secretary and Vice Chancellor), Dr Gopakumar (Vice Chancellor, Central University of Kerala),Dr. A. Marthanda Pillai, Past National President IMA, Dr. B. Ekbal, former VC, Dr MKC Nair former VC ,Dr K Mohanan ,VC,KUHS, Dr Mahesh Verma,VC, Indraprastha University Delhi, Dr. P. Chandramohan, Former VC Sri. G. Vijayaraghavan (former CEO, Techno Park), Sri. JiJi Thomson (former Chief Secretary), Sri. Rajeev Sadanandan (former Additional Chief Secretary) Sri Jacob Punnoose , Former DGP, Dr K Elankovan IAS, Sri. Jacob George, Sri John Mundakkayam , Sri. Unni Balakarishnan (Senior Journalists), Sri. Saji Gopinath (Start Up), Dr. Jayathilak IAS (Secretary Planning and Sports), Sri. Sivasankar  IAS (IT Secretary) Dr . Kishore Gopinath (Principal, LNCPE), Dr. Radhakrishna Pillai (Director, RGCB), Dr R. Rekha, Director RCC and Dr. K.K. Manojan, CEO, Gokulam Med. College. The summit will be inaugurated by Hon Minister for Health Smt K.K. Shailaja Teacher and Dr. Rajan Kobragade IAS, Principal Secretary Health is the keynote speaker.




 14th February 2020 – Friday


 12.30 pm                    :           Registration and Lunch


Principal moderator      :           Dr  Sreejith N. Kumar  


Co-moderators              :         Dr. K.V. Viswanathan  

                                                Dr. Girijakumari. K  

                                                Dr. S. Vasudevan  

                                                Dr R.C Sreekumar     


Coordinators –              

                                                Dr. Lakshmi G.          

                                                Dr. Benoy S.               

                                                Dr. Libu G.K.            

                                                Dr. Riyas Ahmed        

                                                Dr  Anwar Rasheed   


Session 1

01.00 pm. :  Support for Academics and Skill development 


Chairpersons :                         Dr. MKC Nair (Former VC KUHS)                  

                                                Dr. K Mohanan (VC KUHS)                            

Presidium                                Dr. Mahesh Verma, Vice Chancellor, Indraprastha University, New Delhi                                                                    

                                                Dr. M.K. Mangalam, Joint DME                     

                                                Dr. K. Ajayakumar (Vice Principal and Dean)

                                                Dr PMC Nair, Emeritus Professor, Neonatology, Medical College

                                                Mr. Shehansha, Medical Student

Lead speakers                        Dr T.P. Sreenivasan, Former Ambassador         

                                                Mrs. Parvathy Devi, Member Kerala PSC         

Key Participants                      Dr. V.V. Unnikrishnan, Academic Dean (KUHS)

                                                Dr. SumaT.K , Professor, Medicine                  

                                                Dr. Anil Peethambaran, HOD Neurosurgery

                                                Dr. S Satheesh, HOD, ENT :                            

                                                Students from Medical, Dental, Nursing & Pharmacy Colleges


Session 2: 


01.30 pm:       Career options including higher studies and fellowships, Entrepreneurship and Alternate Career Options. 

a) Entrepreneurship

b) Higher education and career opportunities in India and abroad

c) Alternate career opportunities


Chairs :  

                                                  Dr. M.I. Sahadulla                             

                                                  Dr. Mohammed Majeed, Sami labs    


                                                  Dr. K.K. Manojan, CEO, Gokulam MC

                                                  Dr. Anupama R, President IMA Trivandrum

                                                  Dr. P.S. Thaha, CEO, PMS Dental College

                                                  Dr. Rohit, PG assn president


Lead speakers:                         Sri. G. Vijayaraghavan, former CEO Techno Park                                                 

                                                  Dr. K Elankovan, IAS, Principal Secretary, Industries and NORKA.


Key Participants:                       Dr. P.V. Benny, Dean, Gokulam Medical College:

                                                  Dr. Devin Prabhakar, Managing Partner, Divyaprabha Eye

                                                  Dr. Nigil Haroon, AKMG, Canada     

                                                  Dr. Chitra Skanthwaswami

                                                  Dr. Sreejith R., Secretary IMA (NABH

                                                  Dr. Madhusoodhanan, Chief Medical Officer,

                                                  Star Health

                                                  Nursing Faculty Mrs Sreelekha, RCC

Session 3    

02.00 pm : Scholarships and Student Mentoring (30 mts)


Chair persons -                        Dr. P. Chandra Mohan (Former VC)

                                                Dr M.K. Ajayakumar, Principal


Presidium  -                              Dr. Mohammed Majeed (Sami labs) :

                                                 Dr. M.P. Ravindra Nath, USA)

                                                 Dr. K. Harshakumar, Vice Principal, Dental College:  

Lead speakers                         Dr. G. Gopakumar, Vice Chancellor, Central University, Kannur                  

                                                 Dr. Mahesh Verma, Vice Chancellor, Indraprastha University, New Delhi

Participants -                             Dr. Krishna R. Prasad (USA)

                                                 Dr. A. Santhosh Kumar, Prof. & HOD, Paediatrics

                                                Dr. Joby John, Addl. Professor, Student advisor

                                                 Dr. K.P. Jayaprakash, Addl. Professor :            

                                                 Mr. Sandeep, Chairman, Students Union


 02.30 pm     :  Inauguration 

                                                  Smt. K.K. Shailaja Teacher,  Hon’ble  Minister For  Health & 

                                                  Social Justice, Govt. of Kerala.

Keynote address                       Mr. Rajan Khobragade IAS Principal Health  Secretary, Govt. of Kerala.




Session 4


03.00 pm:    Promoting Medical and related Research (30 mts)              


a) Clinical and community research

b) Research Funding

c) Assistance in publications  


Chairpersons  :                         Dr. M.V. Pillai, USA    :

                                                 Dr. B. Ekbal, Former VC, University of Kerala                                                 

Presidium :                               Dr. K.R. Vinayakumar, Former Dean & Vice Principal

                                                 Dr. K. Rajmohanan, KUHS  

                                                 Dr. Rekha Nair, Director RCC   

                                                 Mr. Amogh, Medical Student 


Lead speaker:                           Sri. Rajeev Sadanandan IAS, Former Principal Secretary, Health


Key Participants  :

                                                 Dr. Sivasankaran S, Professor, Cardiology, SCTIMST

                                                 Dr. Krishnadas , HOD Gastro

                                                 Dr. Thomas Iype, HOD, Med Neuro  

                                                 Dr. K.E. Elizabeth, Former HOD, Paed  

                                                 Dr. Indu. P.S., HOD Commu. Med          


Session 5       

03.30 pm Medical Ethics and Professional Bodies


Chairpersons  :                         Dr. A. Marthandapillai, Former National President IMA  

                                                 Dr. V. Mohanan Nair,                                                  


Presidium :                               Dr. Alex Franklin, Past President, IMA Kerala

                                                 Dr. Harikumaran Nair G.S, Dean                                                                                  

                                                 Dr. Shaji Joseoh, Dental Council



Lead speaker  :                        Sri. Jacob Punnose, Former DGP  


Key Participants  :                    Dr. A.V. Jayakrishnan, Past President IMA, Kerala

                                                 Dr. Sivasuthan S., Rtd. HOD For. Med  

                                                 Dr. Sasikala K., HOD Forensic   

                                                 Dr. G. Mohan Roy, RMO, MCH  



Session 6

04.00  pm Training in Leadership, Social interaction and Communication skills


Chairpersons                           Dr. K.A. Kumar, Former DME  

                                                 Dr. Babu Mathew, Former Head of Community Oncology                                                                                              

Presidium :                               Dr. M.S. Sharmad, Supdt, MCH  

                                                 Dr. T. Sureshkumar, Editor, Nanmude Arogyam  

                                                 Dr. Jothidev Kesavdev, CEO, JDC   

                                                 Mr. Ahamed Kabeer, Secretary, Students Union


Lead speakers :                         Mr. Jiji Thomson, IAS               


Key Participants  :                    Dr Sameeran G.S IAS  

                                                 Dr. G. Vijayakumar, Past President IMA Kerala

                                                 Sri. Jacob George   

                                                 Sri John Mundakkayam  

                                                 Sri. Unni Balakrishnan   

                                                Dr. A.P. Premlal, Asso. Professor:   Student


Session 7

04.30 pm  :      Improving Student wellness and comprehensive development and
                        extracurricular talents


                                                 Stress Management


                                                 Arts, Sports and Physical Fitness


Chairpersons :                          Sri. Jayakumar K. IAS, former Chief Secretary

                                                 Dr. Jayathilak A IAS


Presidium :                               Dr. Thomas Mathew, Principal, Kochi Govt MC  

                                                 Dr. Sulphi. N, Vice President, IMA Kerala  

                                                 Dr. Santhoshkumar, Dy. Supdt., MCH  

                                                 Arts Club Secretary

                                                 Mr. Bipin Santhosh, 2016 MBBS Batch :  


Lead speaker :                        Sri. Soorya Krishnamoorthy  

                                                Dr Kishore Gopinathan  Director, LNCPE   


Key Participants  :                    Dr. Arun B. Nair, Psychiatry  

                                                 Dr. Ashad Sivaraman, Film  Director  

                                                 Dr. Sankar Ram, Sports  

                                                 Dr. Ajith Kumar G, Artist   

                                                 Mr. Jestin S., 2017 MBBS Batch


05.00 pm :                               High Tea